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Twittering tweets

Ok this is a post ┬áto merely check the Sharing Buttons that have hopefully been added due to the new plugin. Lets see if it works. And by the way I have managed to activate tweeting from my cellphone. And successfully tweeted. LOL Mr. D. OK an update. I installed the plugin and then clicked […]

To tweet or not to tweet

So today I write about a twitter account and tweeting…. I have a twitter account and wonder if this is something that I want to do? I hear and read so many good things about twitter and tweeting, but then I wonder if anyone would really care about a tweet from me that is limited […]

Your own Website

It is so easy to have your own website. Why would you want one? As a teacher your own site is a great way to communicate with your students and parents. You, the teacher, understand the importance of communication, after all thats what teaching is all about. Having your own site can be very cheap. […]