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Computer Summer Camp

I have handed out flyers for the Computer Summer Camp I am starting at the school I teach at. Looking forward to this. We should have a great time. Click here to find out more information.  

Blogging in 2011

G’day y’all, The new year brings new ideas and directions. Its the time of the New Year’s Resolution. I am determined this year to succeed in keeping my resolution. I have a number of blogs. www.MrDTeaches.com is this blog. I also have www.AUSvUSA.com and a few more too.  My resolution is to blog and post everyday […]

Educational Technology

Image via Wikipedia Here it is Monday again. Don’t they come around quickly!? Educational technology news is all about the latest in ED. Tech.  Some articles that have caught my attnetion from the internet. In this week’s articles we have Apple  iPads and laptops, Computer Viruses and Technology Learning. Something for everyone interested  in Educational […]

Education News

A mixed bag today of Education News  items more directed to our older student readers and parents. All good reads. Enjoy Mr. D. [recreading]

Education News

Here are some interesting links and comments. There is plenty of great work going on all around the country in Educational Technology. Mr. D. [recreading]

Education News

Here are some news stories that caught my eye [recreading]

Graduation Caps and Gowns

Graduation is a long way off, but for most of us it will arrive all too soon! Here are some links to companies that can get you all of the Cap, Gown and Tassel items that you need to make graduation a great success. Great prices and deals at GraduationSource.com Cap, Gown & Tassel Packages […]

Todays education news

Here are a few articles that I found interesting. Visit the author’s site. [recreading]