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New and improved Mr. D. Teaches

I have moved MrDTeaches.com to a new server. This new server allows me to also have a Moodle LMS (Learning Management System) as part of the site. I previously ran a Moodle server on campus. This was NOT available off campus at all. This new Moodle installation will allow students and teacher to interact from […]

Your own Website

It is so easy to have your own website. Why would you want one? As a teacher your own site is a great way to communicate with your students and parents. You, the teacher, understand the importance of communication, after all thats what teaching is all about. Having your own site can be very cheap. […]

Education News

Here are some interesting links and comments. There is plenty of great work going on all around the country in Educational Technology. Mr. D. [recreading]

Reading Help!

Phonics is the basis of reading. Sometimes a child doesn’t get the message the first time from the teacher. Sometimes the student is not as quick to pick it up as their peers. A tutor can be expensive, extra homework is a drag. Any extra phonics work via the computer is going to make a […]