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More iPad

Apple certainly have a way of making news don’t they? So the new iPad is out as of March 11th. You can still buy an old one. Apparently Apple has dropped the price by $100, thus making the cheapest iPad a mere $399. I predict that the market for used iPad v1 will go crazy […]

What will the New Year bring?

I tried to find some interesting forecast for 2011 to give an outline of what new technology we might have in store for us. But I decided to throw in my own thoughts So here they are: Tablets – ¬†in 20011 every computer manufacturer will have a tablet. Windows to develop a tablet OS, but […]

Acer Iconia

The Acer Iconia has 2 screens. One is not enough?? No keyboard ala the iPad and bigger hard disk. It wants to be a real computer… or does it want to be a tablet PC? The specs for the Acer Iconia are impressive enough with the ¬†Windows 7 multi-touch device boasting an Intel Core i5 […]