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Internet Hoaxes

I am reminded that we always need to  check by way of a Google search the authenticity of email and facebook hoaxes before resending them. Use www.Snopes.com or www.hoax-slayer.com Check before you post or email this rubbish. Its incredible the number of these myths, urban legends and hoaxes that are doing the rounds and are […]

Blogging in 2011

G’day y’all, The new year brings new ideas and directions. Its the time of the New Year’s Resolution. I am determined this year to succeed in keeping my resolution. I have a number of blogs. www.MrDTeaches.com is this blog. I also have www.AUSvUSA.com and a few more too.  My resolution is to blog and post everyday […]

Educational Technology

Its Monday morning so its time for Ed.Tech. Here are some interesting articles about Technology around the nation. Everything from Colleges moving to Google Apps to a high school giving out iPads. Enjoy the read Mr.D. [recreading]