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Emergency Social Media

Social Media is way more than just “social”. As we have observed from the Middle East, the social networks have aided the rebels in organising their protests in their struggles for democracy. And now the social networks are coming to the fore more and more as we deal with disasters and dangers. It seemed almost […]

Internet Security

I am stepping out of the Computer Lab today at the request of the 6th Grade teacher to speak with his class re. Internet Security. This is such an important thing to do with kids. Parents take note. Talk to your kids about Internet Security and especially Facebook etc. If you don’t know what to […]

Internet Hoaxes

I am reminded that we always need to  check by way of a Google search the authenticity of email and facebook hoaxes before resending them. Use www.Snopes.com or www.hoax-slayer.com Check before you post or email this rubbish. Its incredible the number of these myths, urban legends and hoaxes that are doing the rounds and are […]

Blogging in 2011

G’day y’all, The new year brings new ideas and directions. Its the time of the New Year’s Resolution. I am determined this year to succeed in keeping my resolution. I have a number of blogs. www.MrDTeaches.com is this blog. I also have www.AUSvUSA.com and a few more too.  My resolution is to blog and post everyday […]

Smart Phone

I recently purchased a new phone. The sales lady, no doubt on a commission, was advocating the advantages of the Blackberry, the Android, the this, the that. I tried to explain, but I am still not sure that she understands my point of view and my circumstances. I work in an environment surrounded by computers, […]