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More iPad

Apple certainly have a way of making news don’t they? So the new iPad is out as of March 11th. You can still buy an old one. Apparently Apple has dropped the price by $100, thus making the cheapest iPad a mere $399. I predict that the market for used iPad v1 will go crazy […]

iPad2 2011

I am driven to blog regarding the announcement yesterday by Steve jobs of Apple that the iPad 2 will be on sale as of March 11th. WOW. Certainly not allowing the grass to grow under that announcement are they. Typically Apple and others have made BIG announcements and then we had to wait and anticipate…. […]

What will the New Year bring?

I tried to find some interesting forecast for 2011 to give an outline of what new technology we might have in store for us. But I decided to throw in my own thoughts So here they are: Tablets – ┬áin 20011 every computer manufacturer will have a tablet. Windows to develop a tablet OS, but […]

Windows 7 Tablet

Apparently Microsoft is working hard on their Tablet version of Windows 7. Now whether they will have the same success that Apple have had with the iPad is yet to be determined. If the iPod and Zune are any indicators then Apple will prevail. The incredible advantage that the iPad has over the Windows Tablet […]

Tech News

Here are some interesting pieces of news about technology, like cameras and ipods. enjoy Mr.D. [recreading]