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Interactive whiteboard at CeBIT 2007

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Just do it. Nike says.

That’s my opinion of Interactive White Boards too. I know that they have been around for quite a while now, but I have only just got my hands on one. WOW!

I remember years ago attending an inservice when I first started teaching. Appropriately it was called something like “Beginning Teaching” One of the sessions was presented by a very enthusiastic gentleman who insisted that each and every one of us needed to rush out and buy an Overhead Projector. At that time in Australia an OHP as we called them cost close to $1,000 and we all laughed. (I mean my weekly pay was about $200) In time most of us used one in class and we all acknowledge the help that this teacher tool provides.

An Interactive White Board is that same tool, and MORE…. its a must have. “Just do it”

All classes at our school are now using Promethean Board or Smart Board. Promethean uses their own ActivInspire software which is very “user friendly”. Get your FREE lesson plans or contribute your own to Simple registration, simple download and install. Activinspire software will work on SmartBoard too apparently. I have yet to see how that works, but when I do I will report back!

Now I am of course biased as I have yet to use any other type/brand of IWB. Suffice to say that any IWB that does it better than the Promethean must be very good.

I am a fan of Interactive White Boards. Every teacher needs one. If your school board won’t buy you one then buy one yourself. You won’t regret it. (Do I sound like that old guy from all those years ago?)

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