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Email List

I have started an email list with the aim of keeping subscribers up to date with new items of interest in the world of Educational technology. The link is to the right. Just fill in the form and then click on the link in the email you get. You will then be subscribed and receive […]

Commercials by 8th Grade

My 8th Grade Class have made commercials for the Santa Store to be held at Riverdale Academy. They did a great job. View the commercials at SchoolTube.

New and improved Mr. D. Teaches

I have moved to a new server. This new server allows me to also have a Moodle LMS (Learning Management System) as part of the site. I previously ran a Moodle server on campus. This was NOT available off campus at all. This new Moodle installation will allow students and teacher to interact from […]

Mr. D. Newsletter

I have started a Newsletter for This newsletter will contain news, views and opinion for teachers, parents and students about technology in education. Signing up is simple, free and secure. I use the best Email provider in and am confident that you will have good service from them. When you sign up you […]

Computer Summer Camp

Computer Summer Camp will NOT run this summer. Stay tuned for other plans in the future. Come back to for other EDtech news

Computer Summer Camp

I have handed out flyers for the Computer Summer Camp I am starting at the school I teach at. Looking forward to this. We should have a great time. Click here to find out more information.  

iPad2 2011

I am driven to blog regarding the announcement yesterday by Steve jobs of Apple that the iPad 2 will be on sale as of March 11th. WOW. Certainly not allowing the grass to grow under that announcement are they. Typically Apple and others have made BIG announcements and then we had to wait and anticipate…. […]

Twittering tweets

Ok this is a post ┬áto merely check the Sharing Buttons that have hopefully been added due to the new plugin. Lets see if it works. And by the way I have managed to activate tweeting from my cellphone. And successfully tweeted. LOL Mr. D. OK an update. I installed the plugin and then clicked […]

Windows 7 Tablet

Apparently Microsoft is working hard on their Tablet version of Windows 7. Now whether they will have the same success that Apple have had with the iPad is yet to be determined. If the iPod and Zune are any indicators then Apple will prevail. The incredible advantage that the iPad has over the Windows Tablet […]

Tracking Santa

Its nearly that time of year. Time to track Santa. Thanks to NORAD and the wonders of the internet we can track Santa on Christmas Eve and get an idea of where he is at any given time. Visit Google Earth is in on the Santa tracking action also and a search for Santa […]