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Mr. D. Newsletter

I have started a Newsletter for This newsletter will contain news, views and opinion for teachers, parents and students about technology in education. Signing up is simple, free and secure. I use the best Email provider in and am confident that you will have good service from them. When you sign up you […]

Computer Summer Camp

Computer Summer Camp will NOT run this summer. Stay tuned for other plans in the future. Come back to for other EDtech news

Emergency Social Media

Social Media is way more than just “social”. As we have observed from the Middle East, the social networks have aided the rebels in organising their protests in their struggles for democracy. And now the social networks are coming to the fore more and more as we deal with disasters and dangers. It seemed almost […]

Computer Camp registrations

Nice to see some registrations rolling in for the Computer Summer Camp. Don’t wait and be disappointed. There are are only so many places available. If you have any questions about the CSC email me edrabwell at gmail dot com You can pay online. Click here for the link. I will email you re further […]

CSC Planning

Up early this morning starting to plan the details of the Computer Summer Camp. We will be doing some Movie Making and recording of Music. Lots of our productions will be published to the internet and also to DVD. All students will receive whatever software I can legally pass on. I am looking for businesses […]

Computer Summer Camp

I have handed out flyers for the Computer Summer Camp I am starting at the school I teach at. Looking forward to this. We should have a great time. Click here to find out more information.  

My experience

I was writing an article today to introduce myself to some students. As it turned out my experience makes interesting reading I believe. I did my first computer course at college in 1977 or so. The “computer” was a card reading device. We punched the cards to program the “computer”. In about 1982-3 I used […]

Internet Security

I am stepping out of the Computer Lab today at the request of the 6th Grade teacher to speak with his class re. Internet Security. This is such an important thing to do with kids. Parents take note. Talk to your kids about Internet Security and especially Facebook etc. If you don’t know what to […]

Online School

Online school courses are fast becoming a way of life for many of our students. Many of us as teachers have expereinced an Online school from both sides. By this I mean we have taken courses at College with some if not all online content and now we have students taking classes in the same […]

Internet Hoaxes

I am reminded that we always need to ┬ácheck by way of a Google search the authenticity of email and facebook hoaxes before resending them. Use or Check before you post or email this rubbish. Its incredible the number of these myths, urban legends and hoaxes that are doing the rounds and are […]