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I have started an email list with the aim of keeping subscribers up to date with new items of interest in the world of Educational technology.
The link is to the right. Just fill in the form and then click on the link in the email you get. You will then be subscribed and receive an email about once per week. Unsubscribe at any time.


Louisiana Pass

Louisiana has a great site available for students to get practice at LEAP and GEE and iLEap etc questions.

Visit You will need to register to use it. After that you can move through the exercises at your own pace. When you log back in it remembers who you are.

I will be using Louisiana Pass with my 8th Grade and 4th Grade Students.


New and improved Mr. D. Teaches

I have moved to a new server. This new server allows me to also have a Moodle LMS (Learning Management System) as part of the site.

I previously ran a Moodle server on campus. This was NOT available off campus at all. This new Moodle installation will allow students and teacher to interact from anywhere with internet connection.

Moodle will be both fun and educational for the students as they will be easily able to interact with me and receive faster feedback on assignments and tests.

Here is the Moodle part of the site. CLICK HERE


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Mr. D. Newsletter

I have started a Newsletter for This newsletter will contain news, views and opinion for teachers, parents and students about technology in education.

Signing up is simple, free and secure. I use the best Email provider in and am confident that you will have good service from them.

When you sign up you will receive a confirmation email. Check and confirm and you will begin to receive our newsletter.

Sign up now on the right side of this page.

I look forward to your membership.

Mr. D.

Emergency Social Media

Social Media is way more than just “social”. As we have observed from the Middle East, the social networks have aided the rebels in organising their protests in their struggles for democracy.

And now the social networks are coming to the fore more and more as we deal with disasters and dangers.

It seemed almost instinctive to turn to Facebook to make comments of support or warning to friends as the tornadoes blasted through our area on Tuesday evening.

To find on the spot news and pictures from Tuscaloosa Alabama, I logged in to Twitter and search for “Tuscaloosa” The tweets from the tweeps were flying in. Hundreds of them. Some with pictures or videos or links to other information. Quite astonishing!

Its certainly fascinating to observe the growth of the Social Networks and the ways that we as users are finding to utilise them.


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